Associate Professor

Dr. Lohitash Karumbaiah

Dr. Karumbaiah directs the Translational Glycomaterials Laboratory, where his research is focused on the development of novel functional glycomaterials for nerve repair and neural interfacing applications. Dr. Karumbaiah is also a member of the regenerative bioscience center (RBC), which was created to promote cross-discipline and multi-institutional biomedical research within the Georgia Research Alliance with the Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State, the Medical College of Georgia, and Emory University. Prior to joining The University of Georgia, Dr. Karumbaiah was a senior research scientist in the Neurological Biomaterials and Cancer Therapeutics Laboratory, Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. Here he studied the nerve repulsive properties of scar associated sugars in nervous system injuries, and mechanisms of recording failure of chronically implanted intracortical recording electrodes. Dr. Karumbaiah has previously worked in product development and new product launch for Monsanto company, and has also served as a study director for a medical device company.

Lab Members

Chaitanya Tondepu
Neuroscience Graduate Student
Dr. Charles-Francoise Latchoumane
Assistant Research Scientist – Ph.D. Bio- and Brain Engineering (KAIST, South Korea)
Min Kyoung Sun
Ph.D Candidate (Neuroscience)
Meghan Logun
Ph.D Candidate (Neuroscience); 2018 Coverdell Neuroimaging Scholar; 2018 Innovative and Interdisciplinary Research Grant Awardee; 2017 ARCS Foundation Scholar

Lab Alumni

Bhagya Gunasekera
Ph.D Analytical Chemistry, Former Postdoctoral Fellow
Hannah Mason
BS Biochemistry; BA Spanish, CURO Undergraduate Researcher 2014-2016; Honors thesis 2015
Nica Bisel
BS – Biochemistry; Minor in Spanish; Certificate in Global Health; CURO undergraduate Research Scholar 2014-2016; Honors thesis 2016
Nivedha Balaji
BS Genetics, Applied Biotech;CURO undergraduate Research Scholar 2015-2017; Honors thesis 2017.