Chaitanya Tondepu
Neuroscience Graduate Student
Short Bio:

Chaitanya Tondepu received a B.S. in Biochemistry in 2015 from the Georgia Institute of Technology. As an undergrad, she worked on developing a protocol to analyze the enzymatic reaction of platinum and hydrogen peroxide on janus particles in Dr. Todd Sulchek’s lab.  Chaitanya subsequently moved on to work under Dr. Jason Rodriguez as an analytical chemistry fellow at the U.S. FDA in St. Louis. Here she worked on the rapid characterization of the active primary ingredients in unapproved drug products using Raman spectroscopy over traditional high-performance liquid spectroscopy. She later joined Dr. Vicki Richardson’s laboratory at the U.S. EPA in Research Triangle Park, NC, where she studied the metabolism of thyroid hormones in primary hepatocytes. Chaitanya joined the Karumbaiah lab in December 2018, and is currently studying the interaction of the immune system in malignant gliomas.