Dr. Charles-Francoise Latchoumane
Assistant Research Scientist – Ph.D. Bio- and Brain Engineering (KAIST, South Korea)
Short Bio:

Charles received his BS in Physics Engineering in 2004 from ENSPG/INPG in Grenoble, France. He obtained a double MS in 2006 in BioInstrument Engineering (ENSPG, France) and in Bio and Brain Engineering (KAIST, South Korea). He obtained his Ph.D. from KAIST (South Korea) in 2010, where he studied signal processing of human electrophysiological data and designed diagnostic methods for Alzheimer’s disease, AD/HD and sleep disorders. Charles obtained a Star-Postdoc appointment at the Korean Institute for Science and Technology (KIST, South Korea) where he studied Behavioral Genetic in mice under the supervision of Dr. Shin Hee-Sup. Continuing his work with Dr. Shin under a new appointment as Senior Researcher at the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) in the Center for Cognition and Sociality (CCS). He has broad expertise in the use of systems neuroscience techniques such as single-unit recording, optogenetics, calcium signal imaging and closed-loop brain stimulation methods in freely moving mice. Charles Joined the Karumbaiah lab as a PostDoctoral Researcher and is working on brain stimulation methods for network recovery and functional rehabilitation following Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI).