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Dr. Karumbaiah, Primary Investigator

Welcome Injuries to the central and the peripheral nervous systems have devastating long-term consequences. Individuals suffering from these debilitating injuries experience severe functional deficits, and poor prognosis as a result of the limited treatment options currently available. Research in the Translational Glycomaterials Laboratory (TglycoL) lies at the interface of biology and engineering, and uses an interdisciplinary approach to develop clinically translatable strategies that can help trigger the endogenous regenerative cascade, and facilitate functional recovery following traumatic insults to the nervous system. Specifically, we employ both natural and synthetically derived glycomaterials for the treatment of nervous system injuries; and for the development of neurointegrative coatings for neural interfacing applications.


Carbohydrates are an important and often underappreciated class of biological macromolecules that play important roles in development, and in repair and regeneration post-injury. Defects in carbohydrate biosynthesis and alterations in carbohydrate composition are known to result in severe developmental defects, cartilage breakdown and reduced myocardial [...] Read More

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Excited to share our collaborative work with Geert-Jan Boons' lab - pubs.acs.org/doi/full/10.10…. Excellent work by @CLatchoumane, Pradeep Chopra and team!