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Lohitash Karumbaiah, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Primary Investigator

Shanmathi Ramasubramanian

Ph.D. Student - Regenerative Bioscience

Nathan Gonsalves

Ph.D. Student - Regenerative Bioscience

Marzan Sarkar

Ph.D. Student - Regenerative Bioscience

Co-advised w/Dr. Steven Stice

Amin Davarzani

Ph.D. Student - Electrical and Computer Eng

Co-advised w/ Dr. Leidong Mao

Ruiping Tang

Ph.D. Student - Regenerative Bioscience



Graduate Student and Postdoc Mentees

Dr. Bhagya Gunasekera (Postdoc, 2015) - Currently lecturer @ UIUC

Dr. Mingzhen Zhang (postdoc, 2016) - Currently assistant professor @ Fudan University

Dr. Meghan Logun (Ph.D. in Neuroscience, 2021) - Currently Postdoc @ UPenn

Dr. Min Kyoung Sun (Ph.D. in Neuroscience, 2021) - Currently @ Unchained Labs

Dr. Charles-Francois Latchoumane (Sr. Research Scientist, 2020) - Currently @ NeuroRestore

Chaitanya Tondepu - MS Animal and Dairy Science (2021) - Xyphos Biosciences

Undergraduate Student Mentees

Dr. Hannah Mason (Undergraduate researcher, 2014) - NIH Ph.D. and Currently @ Emory U SOM

Dr. Nicole Bisel (Undergraduate researcher, 2016) - Currently @ Duke U SOM

Dr. Kallie Wynens (Undergraduate researcher, 2019) - Currently @ CWRU SOM

Dr. Aws Ahme d (UGA PREP Scholar, 2019) - Currently @ East Tennessee State University SOM

Morgan Goeden (Undergraduate researcher, 2019) - Currently @ GSU graduate school

Bianca Patel (Undergraduate researcher, 2021) - Currently @ Morehouse SOM

Mason Wolfe (Undergraduate researcher, 2020) - Currently @ Philadelphia college of osteopathic medicine

Divya Ventrapragada (Undergraduate researcher, 2021) - Currently @ Northwestern University graduate school

Rebecca Guerreso (Undergraduate researcher, 2020) - Currently @ Augusta Univesrity SOM

Atharva Athalye (Undergraduate researcher, 2020) - Currently applying to medical school

Rameen Forghani (Undergraduate researcher, 2021) - Currently @ U Pitt SOM

Braxton Goodnight (Undergraduate Student Researcher, 2021) - Currently @ Wash U SOM


The Translational GlycoMaterials and Neural Repair Lab offers undergraduate research opportunities for students who are motivated to learn more about regenerative medicine approaches to treat brain injuries and cancers. Our students get hands-on training in wet lab techniques and animal surgeries. We encourage UGA undergraduate research participation through the University of Georgia's Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities (CURO) program. We also recruit visiting undergraduate student researchers through the UGA PREP, UGA NSURE, and NanoBio  REU programs.   


The Regenerative Bioscience Center (RBC) at the University of Georgia is a  leading research institute in regenerative medicine and stem cell therapies. The RBC promotes cross-discipline and multi-institutional research within the Georgia Research Alliance with the Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State, the Medical College of Georgia, and Emory University. The center increases knowledge, facility, and technology resources to gain external funding. In addition to research, the RBC provides education to national and international researchers, graduate and undergraduate classes taught by the faculty, and a Young Scholar program for high school students interested in biomedical science careers.

The Birthplace of Public Higher Education in America

As the birthplace of public higher education in America, the University of Georgia is inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs, researchers, and informed citizens who will change the world. For over 235 years, UGA has been engaged in a mission of leadership and service to our state. A land-grant and sea-grant university, the University of Georgia is the state's oldest and most comprehensive institution of higher education. Its motto, “to teach, to serve, and to inquire into the nature of things,” reflects the University’s integral role in the state and nation’s intellectual, cultural, and environmental heritage.


Room 330, Edgar L. Rhodes Center For Animal and Dairy Science 425 River Rd, Athens, GA 30602

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