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Selected Publications ( see complete list on Google Scholar )


Gonsalves, N., Sun, M. K., Chopra, P., Latchoumane, C. F., Bajwa, S., Tang, R., ... & Karumbaiah, L. (2024). Neuritogenic glycosaminoglycan hydrogels promote functional recovery after severe traumatic brain injury. Journal of Neural Engineering.

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Logun, M., Colonna, M. B., Mueller, K. P., Ventarapragada, D., Rodier, R., Tondepu, C., ... & Karumbaiah, L. (2023). Label-free in vitro assays predict the potency of anti-disialoganglioside chimeric antigen receptor T-cell products. Cytotherapy.


Forghani, R., Goodnight, B., Latchoumane, C. F. V., & Karumbaiah, L. (2023). AutoRG: An Automatized Reach-to-Grasp Platform Technology for Assessing Forelimb Motor Function, Neural Circuit Activation, and Cognition in Rodents. Journal of Neuroscience Methods, 109798.​​

McCrary, M. R., Jiang, M. Q., Jesson, K., Gu, X., Logun, M. T., Wu, A., ... & Wei, L. (2022). Glycosaminoglycan scaffolding and neural progenitor cell transplantation promotes regenerative immunomodulation in the mouse ischemic brain. Experimental Neurology, 357, 114177.


Latchoumane, C. F. V., Chopra, P., Sun, L., Ahmed, A., Palmieri, F., Wu, H. F., ... & Karumbaiah, L. (2022). Synthetic Heparan Sulfate Hydrogels Regulate Neurotrophic Factor Signaling and Neuronal Network Activity. ACS applied materials & interfaces, 14(25), 28476-28488.


Chvatal, S. A., Logun, M. T., Sullivan, D. D., Hayes, H. B., Millard, D., Katie, M. P., ... & Karumbaiah, L. (2022). GD2 CAR-T cells engineered using retroviral transduction or CRISPR editing exhibit strong cytolytic potency against glioma stem cells. Cancer Research, 82(12_Supplement), 2817-2817.


Sun, M. K., Kaimal, A., Latchoumane, C. F. V., Forghani, R., Lenear, C. E., Holmes, P. V., ... & Karumbaiah, L. (2022). Prenatal Exposure to Diethylhexyl Phthalate Impairs the Recovery of Spatial Memory Post-traumatic Brain Injury in a Sex-specific Manner.


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Hayes, H. B., Logun, M. T., Chvatal, S. A., Mueller, K., Piscopo, N., Das, A., ... & Karumbaiah, L. (2021). Kinetics and potency of T cell and CAR-T cell mediated cytolysis of glioma stem cells. Cancer Research, 81(13_Supplement), 1552-1552.


Latchoumane, C. F. V., Betancur, M. I., Simchick, G. A., Sun, M. K., Forghani, R., Lenear, C. E., ... & Karumbaiah, L. (2021). Engineered glycomaterial implants orchestrate large-scale functional repair of brain tissue chronically after severe traumatic brain injury. Science Advances, 7(10), eabe0207.

Latchoumane, C. F. V., Barany, D. A., Karumbaiah, L., & Singh, T. (2020). Neurostimulation and reach-to-grasp function recovery following acquired brain injury: Insight from pre-clinical rodent models and human applications. Frontiers in Neurology, 11, 835.


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Sun, M. K., Passaro, A. P., Latchoumane, C. F., Spellicy, S. E., Bowler, M., Goeden, M., ... & Karumbaiah, L. (2020). Extracellular vesicles mediate neuroprotection and functional recovery after traumatic brain injury. Journal of neurotrauma, 37(11), 1358-1369.


McCrary, M. R., Jesson, K., Wei, Z. Z., Logun, M., Lenear, C., Tan, S., ... & Wei, L. (2020). Cortical Transplantation of Brain‐Mimetic Glycosaminoglycan Scaffolds and Neural Progenitor Cells Promotes Vascular Regeneration and Functional Recovery after Ischemic Stroke in Mice. Advanced healthcare materials, 9(5), 1900285.​


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Logun, M. T., Wynens, K. E., Simchick, G., Zhao, W., Mao, L., Zhao, Q., ... & Karumbaiah, L. (2019). Surfen-mediated blockade of extratumoral chondroitin sulfate glycosaminoglycans inhibits glioblastoma invasion. The FASEB journal, 33(11), 11973.

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